Outpatient Providers

Intellis can support your organization’s expansion of complete and accurate clinical documentation across the continuum of care.

Tailored Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions

Our team of outpatient HIM experts can help streamline process flows to help minimize work flow redundancy and to increase communication between multiple work streams that impacts patient care and revenue cycle (i.e. point-of-care, CDI, coding, etc.). Furthermore, we can help educate your team of CDI specialists and/or coding professionals on the complexity of risk adjustment and streamline the key points to the Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) methodologies so that the true impact of provider documentation for all care settings can be accurately documented and reported.

Address the Growth of Outpatient Admissions

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As inpatient admissions are declining, the volume of outpatient encounters is significantly increasing by the number, therefore the need for CDI expansion into the outpatient arena is becoming apparent to many organizations. Expanding into outpatient CDI, will help create a complete approach to reviewing documentation in all settings. This approach will help providers and organizations create a comprehensive health record that will support better patient outcomes, quality of care, and overall risk scores across the continuum of care.

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